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       歡欣               溫暖                獨特       

For more than 30 years' experience in the Christmas ornaments industry, we made professional products
and innovative merchandise designs, and exported all around the world.
After years of operating in the international markets, we want to share this beautiful 
Christmas atmosphere with you.  Merry Creator specially created Christmas Tree Rental,
Ornament Rental and Ornament Customized Design services. 
Hope that everyone, every corner of the world will be filled with smile and joy during the holiday.

The most diverse choice,
the most stable supply

Over 1,200 Christmas products, and professional production supply
chain, we can providing any amount
of production needs, even a small
amount of exquisite customized production.


The most professional service, the most assured purchase

From ordering to shipping or assembly,
we have professional standardized
service processes, our customers can be assured throw out whole processes.


The most intimate custom, the most unique design

Specific customized to meet customers' needs, either commercial space , or
stylish home decoration, we also supply 
long-term leasing services.


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