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  • I didn't received the invoice
    • If you have not received the invoice, please contact us through the “Contact Us” at the top of the website, and our customer service will help you with the invoice.

  • How to cancel my order?
    • Before you have not paid and have not shipped, you can go online to the "Member Area" and "Order Inquiry" to cancel the order.
      If the payment has been made, but before the shipment has been made, since the product and the delivery period have been reserved in advance, this part will ask the customer to bear the cost incurred, and will receive 1/4 of the rental fee.

  • Why is the card got denied?
    • The reason for the card got denied while shopping, may be that the current network connection is a peak time, the connection status is unstable, the card number valid date is incorrectly, the connection is unstable, etc.

      Maybe you can try to change to another card, and the browser takes Chrome as a priority, or please try to avoid the Internet peak time and try it later again, thank you.

  • How to return?
    • If you want to return / exchange after receiving the product, please contact us within 7 days through the "Contact Us" at the top of the website, our customer service will assist you with the return / exchange process.

      If you are returned or exchanged due to the company's negligence (missing the wrong goods, shipping damage, goods defective), we will bear the freight for returning the goods, and refund the full cost of the goods, or replace the same item for you.

      However, if the goods are defective, the wrong goods are delivered, or the goods are returned or exchanged, the shipping cost of returning to the company is at your own expense.

  • Change address after sent the ordered
    • Since the network is fairly fast, you cannot make changes directly on the network after completing the ordering process. Please go to the "Contact Us" and leave us an message, we will further assist you. If the product has been shipped, you will need to confirm the receipt with the original address.

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