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2018_ Customized Ornaments

Hotel Château Tainan

ContentUse the main identy color of the Hotel Château, the "Blue " to make an exclusive Christmas ball, and print the hotel logo on the ball, then process the white shinng glitter to shows the effect of a slight bling bling.
Theme:Customize Theme+240cm White Pine Needle Tree

Location:Hotel Château Tainan Hotel Lobby


Mr. Brown Café

Mr. Brown Coffee is a leading brand in Taiwan coffee market. It has always been a familiar brand under a friendly image and years of profound experience and technology. Mr. Brown Coffee adhere to four major adherence, the freshest coffee, the most rigorous training, professional equipment and very comfortable environment. In recent years, in order to taste the original flavor of coffee, demand for the quality of coffee, with a professional attitude, and then provide consumers with a better quality of good coffee.

Content:Different from the previous coffee-related themes, this year, we choose to made a colorful Christmas sweater, start from the concept of this little sweater, the choice of fabric and then the way to present the Mr.Brown Cafe Logo. All the hard work just want to deliver the warmth from our heart to company all our clients, in this beautiful holiday.